Call for papers Deadline EXTENDED
                                                   5th Special Issue on Translation, May, 2016 

At the request of several colleagues and institutions, the deadline for submitting for 5th Special Issue on Translation, May, 2016 has been extended. 
The deadline for manuscript submission is extended till 15 April 2016. The issue publication date is May 2016.    
Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) welcomes the submission of papers for the 5th special issue on translation. We have the honor to announce that our guest editor for this special issue is Prof. Dr. Said Faiq, American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. The deadline for manuscript submission is 15 April 2016. The issue publication date is May 2016. We ask you kindly to submit your paper according to the Manuscript Guidelines for AWEJ at our website or go to this particular link
Please send your paper and a brief curriculum vitae (four lines Max. each author) by e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   before 31th March 15 April  2016.

Research areas include, but not limited to:

  • The role of Arab universities in developing currents teaching programs of translation in the Arab World.
  • The role of translation in mediating the exchange of knowledge across cultural and linguistic divides
  • The role of literary translation in challenging or reinforcing cultural difference
  • Translation studies: development, problems and solutions.
  • Basic issues in traditional translation research and new perspectives
  • Translation theory and practice and global changes
  • Semantic theories in translation and interpreting
  • The linguistic, cognitive, communicative, cultural, technological dimensions of translation
  • Contrast between sight interpretation and paper translation,
  • Syntax differences between target language and source language
  • Arabic machine translation
  • E-dictionaries and translation
  • Translation and monolingual/bilingual dictionaries
  • Theoretical reflections on translation
  • Future use of corpora in translation studies
  • Translation and creativity
  • Translation and pragmatics
  • New approaches and theories in translation
  • General translation theory versus specific theories the literary translation
  • Teaching translation and literature in translation
  • Foreign language teaching and translation
  • The role of the translator in the dialogue among civilizations
  • The role of translation in cross-cultural and multi-cultural communication
  • The digital age and translation
  • Toward cultural translation
  • Globalization and translation
  • Dubbing and voice-over
  • Science and translation