AWEJ Volume.5 Number.2 June, 2014

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Team of this issue Written by Dr. Khairi Obaid Al-Zubaidi
On the Motivations of Conceptual Metaphors: Comparing Arabic and English Written by Reyadh Aldokhayel
AUE Students’ Practice of the Speech Act of Compliment Written by Niveen Mohammad Zayed
Assessing EFL Undergraduates in Communicative Language Teaching Classroom Written by George Mathew Nalliveettil
English speaking learning barriers in Saudi Arabia: A case study of Tibah University Written by Nesreen Saud Alhmadi
Investigating EFL Omani Learners’ Ability to Produce English Phonics in taught words and in untaught words Written by Salma Al-Humaidi & Jasim Al-Belushi
The impact of positive views on language learning and pupils’ construction of L2: Imagined communities, possible selves, and investment in language learning Written by Salwa Eidah Al Harthi
Optimality of Using Multiple Translation Procedures for Good Translations of Formal Written Texts Written by Ezzeldin Mahmoud Tajeldin Ali
The Positive and Negative Effects of Globalization on English Language Teaching and Learning Written by Abdulaziz Fahad Alfehaid
Translation of Legal Texts between Arabic and English: The Case Study of Marriage Contracts Written by Mohammed H. Al Aqad
Self- Directed Learners Written by Hind Al-Jamal
The Teaching of Translation at the University Level: Constraints and Aspirations Written by Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Al-Quyad
The Impact of Translation on the Moroccan Political Discourse Written by Mohamed MAROUANE
Exploring Female Teachers' Perceptions towards Teacher Observation: Issues and Challenges in the Arab Context Written by Nadia Shukri
English Varieties and Arab Learners in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries: Attitude and Perception Written by Wafa Shahada Zoghbor
Common Practice Errors Related to Syntactic Structures in English-into-Arabic Translation Written by Mohammad Atawi Saraireh
Towards a Critical Thinking Classroom Written by Omnia Nabih Ahmed
Inductive and Deductive Approaches to Teaching English Grammar Written by Joseph George Mallia
The Influence of Arabic on Nigerian Literature: a study of selected works of Abubakar Imam in Hausa Written by Jamiu, Muhammad Yunusa